Fast and Fair Blind Peer-Reviewed with Hybrid Access Scholar & Practical Journals

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Authors' benefits

  1. Easy to use Taadler Web Submission System;
  2. Fast and fair blind peer review process.
  3. Constructive communication with the Author, working together to correct and improve the article.
  4. Rapid publication on the website after the acceptance and payment for not waiting for the printed edition.
  5. Unique, permanent DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) allocated to articles, maximizing search capability.
  6. The model of reader’s access is based on the method «Author’s choice».
  7. We offer the Authors to publish their manuscripts in Open Access, considering it one of the achievements and advantages of the modern information age.
  8. However, we also offer the Authors an alternative: if an article is placed in Paid Access, then the Author will receive (after five paid downloads) a set honorarium during two years.
  9. You will be able to set the price for downloading of your article.
  10. We will e-mail to let you know if your article receives more than five downloads within twelve months of publication.
  11. Granting a discount on publishing of the next article.
  12. Acquisition of discount for Authors of our journals on an annual subscription.
  13. Granting an automatic discount to Authors from countries which were classified as Low-income economies or Lower-middle-income economies.
  14. Active promotion of the results of your research with networks, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and various academic databases and aggregates.
  15. Annual determination of the best journal articles in the past year with the award certificates of honour and many other features.

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