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Carlos Ballesteros García

The Editor in Chief

The Journal of Contemporary Business and Professional Ethics (CBPE)

Carlos Ballesteros García is Associate Professor of Consumer Behavior and Marketing Ethics of University Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain.

He obtained his PhD degree from the University Pontificia Comillas in 1998. He has a Master's degree in the Social Economy by the University of Barcelona.

In the year 1992, he began his teaching in the Faculty of Marketing where he teaches the Fundamentals of Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Ethics and a module of Fair Trade and Responsible Consumption.

He is also voluntary professor of International marketing at the Jesuit Commons: Higher Education in the Margins, an initiative that provides higher education in refugee camps in Africa and Asia.

His research interests includes consumer culture theory (religion & consumption, consumption & migration).

He took the position of the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Contemporary Business and Professional Ethics (CBPE) in November 2013