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Dr. Daniel Primozic

The Member of Honorary Editorial Advisory Board

The Journal of Contemporary Business and Professional Ethics (CBPE)

Dr. Daniel T. Primozic
hired as Associate Director of the Institute for Law Enforcement Institute at the Center for American and International Law in June, 2007 where he leads the Center for Law Enforcement Ethics, and teaches courses in ethics and in leadership for law enforcement, for corrections and for public servants.

He is Resident Ethics Scholar of the Center for Law Enforcement Ethics at the Center for American and International Law, Plano, Texas, USA.

He has spoken both nationally and internationally, has published journal articles, book chapters, scholarly monographs, book reviews, was the editor of an international honor society undergraduate and graduate journal in philosophy. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the international periodical called The Journal of Law Enforcement Leadership and Ethics.

He is a member of Professional Associations such as Ethics in Policing (United Kingdom), International Association of Chiefs of Police, Certified Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) North Central Accrediting Association, American Philosophical Association, New Mexico/West Texas Philosophical Society.