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Financial exclusion – exploring dimensions, challenges and prospects

We are issuing a Call for Papers for a Special Issue entitled:

Financial exclusion – exploring dimensions, challenges and prospects

       In the last decade financial exclusion has acquired a distinct place on the agenda of national and European Union bodies. Governments agree that, when fighting against poverty and social exclusion, financial exclusion cannot be removed from the broader picture. Through its two forms, namely the difficulty of accessing banking products and services and the difficulty of using them, financial exclusion acts as a barrier to economic and social integration of a person.

       Financial exclusion is due primarily to the failure of conventional financial institutions to adapt to the needs of different social groups, caused by banks' selectivity, profit–orientation, lack of explicit information and transparency practiced by traditional banks. On this background, several questions arise, such as: What role could play civil society and financial institutions (both mainstream banks and socially-oriented ones) to facilitate the financial inclusion of a larger number of people? What could be the contribution of the financial sector's regulations and social responsibility in alleviating financial exclusion?

      The special volume will welcome conceptually or empirically based papers that investigate issues related to financial exclusion phenomenon. Possible topics could include, but are not limited to:

-  Financial exclusion typologies: credit exclusion, savings exclusion, banking transactions exclusion;

-  Causes and consequences of financial exclusion, from a social, economic and financial standpoint;

-  Indicators for measuring the degree or level of financial exclusion;

-  The relationship between financial and social exclusion;

-  Microfinance as a tool for addressing financial exclusion;

-  Mainstream banking involvement in mitigating financial exclusion;

-  Financial products and services developed by socially-oriented financial institutions to address financial exclusion;

-  European and national regulatory challenges and incentives meant to promote financial inclusion;

-  Civil society’s potential implication and role in enhancing the financial markets’ socially responsible behavior, as a way to fight against financial exclusion. 

     This Theme Issue combines mainly theoretical and empirical articles but also opinions and proposals.

     The language is English. 

     Length of articles: between 4000-8000 words.

     Authors’ guidelines available at:

     Date to observe: Please enclose at the beginning of your article an abstract (maximum 200 words) as well as the author's name(s) and affiliation addresses and eventually short biographic note by April 1th, 2016 to .

     Those who submit a proposal will be advised by April 15th, 2016.

     Deadline for full papers: May 15th, 2016

     The issue will be published in  two versions - online (with open access) and printed (2  copies for each article). Publication fee is 145  USD. The payment is done only after an article is approved by the Editor. This thematical  issue will also be granted an ISBN code.

     Please submit at:

     Upon submitting a paper it is understood that the paper is not being considered for publication elsewhere. It is the author's responsibility to obtain written permission from publishers for using lengthy quotations and illustrations.

     Guest Editor - Dr Iustina Boitan, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania