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The Journal of Contemporary Anti-Corruption: Theory and Practice (CACTP)

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The Journal of Contemporary Anti-Corruption: Theory and Practice (CACTP) is a double-blind peer-reviewed, quarterly published Journal in English with hybrid access. CACTP is future-orientated, research-based Journal, which h is strongly linked with practice.
CACTP highlights the highest quality original research in the field of theory and practice of anti-corruption that are not published or not being considered for publication elsewhere.
CACTP is multi-disciplinary Journal. The main science stream is the intersection of different areas of scholarship, such as Law, Economics, Applied Ethics, Politics, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Management placing major accent on contemporary problems in other various areas and levels: government, corporate and personal.
The following topics on theory and practice of anti-corruption are themes in a journal:
• grand and petty corruption, political corruption,
• bribery,
• extortion,
• blackmail,
• curry favour,
• abuse of insider information,
• nepotism,
• lobbying and clientelism,
• mafias, extortion and protection rackets,
• laundering illicit money,
• offshore financial centres,
• facilitation payments and fraud,
• lack of rule of law,
• whistleblowing,
• underdevelopment of civil society,
• conflict of interest.
The aim of the CACTP is to foster communication and to develop the exchange of information through useful publication of significant results using print and electronic formats.
The Journal and its respect Editorial Board try to maintain the highest standards of excellence to generate a new and valuable resource for the anti-corruption research community.
The Journal of Contemporary Anti-Corruption: Theory and Practice is addressed to wide audience of readers: scientists, practitioners, researchers, students, managers and ethic officers etc.
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Each issue of the journal is published in both a printed version and an electronic version; the latter is available online to readers and subscribers at

Our publishing house has been created recently. We offer cooperation to new authors and expect fresh and relevant researches from them. Making a high quality journal is a time-consuming process; it is not possible to be indexed immediately.

We will send a diploma with appreciation to the authors of the first accepted articles. This diploma will indicate they were the first ones.

The Taadler Journals publish an annual author’s index every December.

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