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New Special Issue about Ethical Banking

New Special Issue about Ethical Banking

In May of 2013 Taadler Publishing House turned to the scientific community with an offer to take part in publishing a Special Issue about ethic banking and finance.

The topic was not chosen by chance. The consultants of Taadler Publishing House not unfoundedly think that one of the antecedents of 2007-2008 years world economic crisis is loss of moral reference points in banking field.

Unfortunately, now, after 5 years of protracted search for recipes of escaping the crisis, problems of ethic rules of business dealing in banking sector and in finance, perspectives of ethic banking, social responsible investment are not explored enough by the world’s scientific community.

Exactly due to that we express our thanks to all the authors, who responded to the offer and sent their works to our special issue “Prospective Innovation at Ethical Banking and Finance“.

Our respected editors Prof. Dr. Leire San-Jose and Prof. Dr. Jose Luis Retolaza have chosen more than 10 works. Those are the works by scholars from Spain, Germany, Romania, India and Canada.

We hope that the appearance of our Special Issue will be an important step in the examination of serious scientific problem.

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