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Publishing process

What is the Publishing Process for Taadler Journals?

In order to make the right decision in finding of a right publisher learn carefully all stages of the Taadler publishing process below.

After writing of manuscript Author will verify whether the requirements of Authors Guidelines. Than submit it via Taadler Submission System.
Review process.
All submissions to be considered for publication are undergoing peer review by two or more independent reviewers.
We invite the scholars and the practitioners as part of our Editorial board, who are skilled reviewers in the certain field of knowledge.
All peer review is both anonymous (double blind) - authors are not given the names of the reviewers of their manuscript.
Usually reviewer evaluates:

  • the scientific value of the results and the accuracy of formulations;
  • the originality and novelty;
  • are relevance to the journal’s scope;
  • the clarity, logical coherence and conciseness of presentation;
  • the structure and composition;
  • the style and size of the item;
  • references

The protocol used by the journal reviewers is available on the Taadler Publishing House website:
Peer reviewers will have four possible options for each manuscript:

  • accept without further amendments,
  • accept with minor amendments,
  • accept after substantial amendments,
  • should not be published because the work presented is scientifically unsound.

Correcting article under reviewer’s comments
The Author(s) will receive the evaluation reports from the reviewers, anonymously, so that they may make (where appropriate) any necessary corrections or responses.
If Author(s) is not satisfied with the judgment made on their manuscript, they are able to contact the Editor with an appeal.
Preparation of the final version
If a manuscript is accepted, the corresponding Author may be asked to revise the text, tables and figures for publication.
The copyright transfer agreement
After the acceptance, authors will be asked to complete a Copyright Agreement form via our website.
Author(s) must sign the form (either one or separate copies for different authors). Either Author mail (or email) PDF scanned copy of Copyright Transfer Agreement form with authentic signatures to
According to our Pricing policy the payment must be received after acceptance and before an article can be published. We offer a Submission Calculator to assist the Author(s) in determining of the total costs of publishing in our journals. You receive an invoice automatically by email.
Website Publication
Author(s) receive a PDF copy of their article with Open Access which they can make available for non-commercial use. See more:
Article Distribution
Publisher will make every effort to distribute the results of the scientific work of the author(s). Taadler Publishing house has capacity and knowledge distribute the metadata to the major web aggregators.
Print version Edition of the journal
After a set of articles in the journal we operatively print edition. We print in following standards: black-and-white printing with saddle stitch binding and colour hardcover. 
Communication with the readers
Our website is a modern platform to discuss your conclusions and recommendations. We moderate comments to each article and we have own groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Mendeley etc.
Timetable of publication

So the total period spent by the author on article placement is no longer than seven weeks.

For manuscripts that are based on research supported by key projects or foundations and are of great importance, the peer review, editing and publishing process will be completed in 4 weeks.

All other submissions to Taadler Journals (reviews, Book reviews, advertisings, obituaries etc.) will be reviewed by Members of Editorial Board of certain Journal.