Fast and Fair Blind Peer-Reviewed with Hybrid Access Scholar & Practical Journals

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Reviewers benefits

Advantages to be a Reviewer of Taadler Journals include:

  1. Be notified of all new publications and researches your colleagues in the world are working on.
  2. We propose a fast and fair blind and constructive peer review process; constructive communication with the Author; working together to correct and improve the article.
  3. We invite the Reviewers in the Editorial Board, who are skilled ones in this field of knowledge.
  4. Each Journal’s Editorial Board consists from two parts: scholars and practitioners. We hope that these experienced Reviewers will increase the quality and value of the accepted manuscripts.
  5. We confirm the Reviewers, whose candidatures were submitted by authors to us, after checking their CV.
  6. The Reviewers will be able to have a discount on 15% discount publication fee and 15% discount subscription rate.
  7. After five fast and good-quality reviews we offer you a 25% discount on publishing an article in the journal.
  8. We conduct distance meetings, conferences, summarize work for the year.
  9. Annual determination of the best journal Reviewer with the award certificates of honour.