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Ruth Muñoz

The Member of Editorial Advisory Board

The Journal of Contemporary Business and Professional Ethics (CBPE)

Ruth Mariana Muñoz  is a full-time associate professor and research at the Urban Economic Systems area of the Instituto del Conurbano at    Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, were she was the academic coordinator of the Social Economics Master Program (2008-2013). Currently, she co-directs with Jose Luis Coraggio the research project “Social economics at the crossroads of alternatives to the hegemonic economy. Urban applications: concepts, policy and indicators” (from January 2013 until December of 2015).

Her academic interests are the social economics, urban and regional economics, self-management work, solidarity finance, ethical finance, microfinance, saving and credit cooperatives, public policy and evaluation of these topics.

She directs and co-directs master theses research and interns in public agencies and social organizations. She also dictates several conferences, participates and directs consulting teams and does institutional tutoring of non-profit organizations and public agencies at diverse jurisdictional levels. 

She is a member of various research networks, among them the RILESS (Latin-American Social and Solidarity Economics Research Network) and she belongs to editorial teams of journals such as “Otra Economía”.